My corona birthday


I turned 36 on October 8th

this is the first time I have a birthday only with my sister, no friends and just staying home. The days before my birthday I was sad and overthinking everything that has happened this year, also I had shared on IG that my cat puked on my Wacom tablet and it broke, well a couple of days after my computer died too, and buying a new one is not an option for me atm, so my sister gave me a laptop that is touchscreen, so I can draw on it like a tablet! I'm ingredibly greatful becuase without the computer I would have had to stop drawing.

She also ordered some amazing vegan food, we had a vanilla and strawberry cake, cinnamon rolls and a delicious burger!

She also got me wine and that on its own was incredible because early this year I was told I couldn't drink wine because it would interfere with my thyroid medication, but turns out it's ok! 

It was a nice day, just me and my sister and my cat obvs, with yummy vegan food and all the good vibes.