Quick intro and list of fave podcasts and YouTube channels

Welcome! if you have no idea who I am, let me share a bit...
I'm a Mexican elder millennial, I'm a freelance illustrator and I live in Tijuana, in my tiny apartment with my cat Panza (7 year old mix but looks like a flame point Siamese) and my sister Lily.

I'm vegan extrovert that's been struggling a bit this year for obvious Covid reasons. I don't do ceramics but I love buying them, they bring me so much joy! I love music so much I even have a 7 hour playlist called Soundtrack of my Life, that has all the significant songs in my life, with songs I liked when I was a teen to new songs I currently like.

I make art for myself and for clients, it's always fun getting to illustrate for small businesses but I have the most fun when I get to draw family portraits (family of 5 or a girl with her cat), it's always such a nice feeling knowing you created something that has a deep meaning for somebody else, to remember a happy moment in their life, to celebrate a new home or even to help them with grief.

I've been going back and forth thinking about what this blog will be about, and basically I want to have a place online where I can create content without having to think about the algorithm, and having freedom to share longer post with more images if I want to.

For the first post I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite YouTube channels and Podcasts.

I love watching their vlogs

artist's studio vlogs

home decor

sustainability, vegan products, mental health

fashion info and trends

film photography
*I know film photography is not vegan, I've been vegetarian for many years and vegan for a year, and I've been taking film photos since I was a teen starting Uni, and only this year I realized film is not vegan, so for the moment I'm not taking film photos but there's amazing photographers sharing their work and I'd love to share some of my faves with you.

immersive science fiction audio stories

astrology and advice podcast

stories from  contemporary visual artists

science fiction story, the myth of Tanis

I'm sure you'll find some new content from this list that will help you get your mind away from everything going on at the moment.

stay safe and be kind to yourself