October -Mab's Drawlloween Club 2020

This year I'll do Mab Grave's Dralloween instead of Inktober, the past couple of years I did Inktober but the official account created new copyright guidelines and I rather not do it to avoid any mistakes in case I want to do something comercial with my illustrations.

Mab created 3 options for those who want to participate but maybe are not able to do the full 31 days, and I went for the Lite version which consists of 16 prompts.

Doing or attempting to do Inktober in past years I learned a few things that help me completing the challenge, so I'm adding some "restrictions" to prevent my mind from going crazy trying to bite more than I can chew.

1. I created a limited color palette 

2. I will limit the characters to cats, cats-like-creatures and girls

3. Sketches will be done by hand and final work in Adobe Illustrator, no mixed media this time.

4. Come up with the idea for the prompt before October starts.

So this will be what inspires each prompt:

Oct 1 Werewolf -Blutbad Angelina from Grimm

Oct 3 Changeling -A weird kid with a fairy

Oct 5 Witch -Winifred from Hocus Pocus

Oct 7 Vampire -Vanessa Van Helsing

Oct 9 Gorgon -Medusa

Oct 11 Skeleton -A mythical skull

Oct 13 Pukwudgie -A cute cat-like version

Oct 15 Nightcrawler -A cute version

Oct 17 Frankenstein -A girl version

Oct 19 Apothecary -Potions and herbs

Oct 21 Winged -A female sphinx

Oct 23 Cryptid -A mermaid

Oct 25 Puppet -A ball jointed doll

Oct 27 Lagoon -Cute cat version

Oct 29 Hydra -9 Headed cat creature

Oct 31 Reaper - Reaper Billie from Supernatural